Photo book of the Faroe Islands

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PICTURES OF THE FAROE ISLANDS is one of the most comprehensive photo collections of the unspoiled Faroe Islands!
It’s a visual journey around the islands: friendly people, wild animals and amazing landscapes from all the archipelago located in the north Atlantic Ocean, halfway between Norway and Iceland. The Faroe Islands have been rated by National Geographic as top unspoiled islands.

Soft cover, 180 pages, 17×17 cm, proudly printed in the Faroe Islands

Buy my photographic book online via PayPal (button below), the price is  35€  19,50€ (including shipping costs to Italy), 28€ (to Europe) or 30€ (to the rest of the World). It’s also for sale in the bookstores of the Faroe Islands for 220kr.
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” I have never been to the Faroes, but my mother was half Danish and half Faroese. My father was posted there during WW2. Alessio’s book brings the islands to life and my mother, when she was ill, loved to look at her homeland in glorious colours. I have given this small, but beautiful book, to two friends for a loan and they went on to buy a copy.“
Kirsten, Great Britain

” Thank you very much for sending me the book in such a timely manner. I see that you have done a great and long work. The book conveys the authenticity and depth of the Faroe Islands. Its diversity of times, people, interiors whose common bond is authenticity and kindness. “
Rafael, Spain

” I loved it. Beautiful photos. I loved the phrase of the first page. You are a great professional. Congratulations! “
Camila, Brasil

” I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the islands through your viewfinder! “
Denisa, Germany

” I browsed your book while I was having dinner in the guesthouse in Mykines, I really enjoyed it so I bought a copy! “
Roberto, Italy

” It is excellent! Congratulations! “
Norman, Faroe Islands Study Circle, Great Britain

” I got your book and it is amazing! “
Sigmundur, Faroe Islands