15 Azores, an incredible volcanic archipelago

Azores, an incredible volcanic archipelago

The archipelago of Azores (Açores in Portughese) is an autonomous region of Portugal placed in the North Atlantic Ocean divided into three groups: Western Group (Corvo and Flores), Central Group (Faial, Graciosa, Pico, São Jorge, and Terceira) and Eastern Group (Santa Maria and São Miguel).

Because of active volcanoes, hot springs and volcanic rocks, Azores are a geothermal wonder with some similarity to Iceland but warmer. And because of some bare landscapes covered just by grass and some impressive cliffs, there are some similarity with the Faroe Islands too.

Thanks to a maritime sub-tropical climate and mineral-rich volcanic soil, agriculture is one of the main industries. Locals proudly preserve their agrarian heritage in cheese-making and wine production and they have also started cultivating tea and coffee.

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