I'm Alessio Mesiano

I'm a photographer based
in the Faroe Islands...

My creative soul brought me to be a photographer and also an architect.

I was born in 1982 in Milano, Italy. Now I live in the Faroe Islands.

I’m a photographer involved in various genres: nature, travel, concerts, events & weddings.

I’ve been taking photos in the Faroe Islands since 2008. Thanks to several collaborations (Visit Faroe Islands, G! Festival, etc.) and thanks to my growing knowledge of the place, I’ve been able to create a huge photo stock of these remote islands placed in the North Atlantic Ocean.

2007_Photographic language course held by Erminio Annunzi
2008_Bachelor of Architecture at Polytechnic University of Milan
2008_Specialization in Bio-Architecture at ANAB architettura naturale, Milan
2009_Photo-reportage course held by Sandro Iovine at John Kaverdash School in Milan
2010_Travel writing course at Scuola Del Viaggio in Milan
★ My Education
2009_Finalist in Travel Photographer of the Year awards,
2016_Honorable Mention in The International Photography Awards™
2016_Finalist in Travel Photographer of the Year awards,
2017_Winner in Lonely Planet Italia contest, V place
2020_Commended Portfolio in Travel Photographer of the Year awards,
★ Awards
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