08 Intimate elopement in Saksun, Faroe Islands

Intimate elopement in Saksun, Faroe Islands

Melissa and Matt are from Canada and wanted to get married in a remote and inspiring place, without family and friends, where to dedicate some time just for themself.
And they were very sure about the place for their elopement in the Faroe Islands: an intimate ceremony in front of the tiny turfed church in Saksun (with permission of the landowner) surrounded only by mountains and a lagoon. A place blessed by nature.

They also wanted to visit the archipelago for a few days, so I suggested to them to stay in a cosy cottage in the scenographic village of Bøur that we used for the preparation and for some couple photos before heading to Saksun for the elopement and then to the city of Tórshavn for the last couple photos before going to dinner and finally get warm!

If you also dream of getting married in the Faroe Islands and you are looking for a wedding photographer, contact me for a quote!

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