11 Magical northern lights in the Faroe Islands
Nature at its best

Magical northern lights in the Faroe Islands

The magical northern lights can be seen in the skies of the Faroe Islands from the end of August till the end of April when the nights are dark enough. And it’s necessary to be lucky due to the typical local unfavourable weather conditions.

To see a spectacular show, the intensity of the solar storm has to be at least 4 Kp.

The best locations to see the aurora borealis are where it’s possible to see the sky towards the north, like Gásadalur, Tjørnuvík, Eiði, Vestmanna, Funningur, Saksun, Gjógv, Klaksvík, Viðareiði.

When the solar storms are stronger than 5 Kp, usually the northern lights can be visible in any direction all around the archipelago, also in Tórshavn, despite the light pollution.

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