10 Epic surfing in the wild Faroe Islands

Epic surfing in the wild Faroe Islands

In the northern part of the Faroe Islands, a windy bay surrounded by steep mountains is home to the tiny village of Tjørnuvík.

Here a few colourful tiny houses overlook a black sand beach bathed by a restless cold ocean which is really appreciated by experienced surfers.

Surfing in the Faroe Islands is something special that can also be extremely dangerous. Forecasts and circumstances can be unreliable, so local knowledge and experience are the key.

In order to sustain and maintain surfing as a positive and safe activity for anyone, two local pioneer surfers (Kali W. Hansen & Andras Brixen Vágsheyg) founded Faroe Islands Surf Guide.

They provide safe surf guidance, tours, lessons, sessions, equipment and community in the Faroe Islands for visitors and locals at all levels all year.

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