02 Travelling in Iceland during winter can be dangerous!

Travelling in Iceland during winter can be dangerous!

Travelling in Iceland during winter time can be both a beautiful and dangerous experience!

My 8-day itinerary at the end of December 2022 had to be replanned several times. It was impossible to reach some locations because of continuous unsafe weather conditions and closed roads due to extreme winds, heavy snowfalls and temperatures close to -20°C. Fortunately, it was easy to modify my itinerary daily and drive on ice and deep snow, thanks to a 4×4 camper.

A camper offers a flexible itinerary and fantastic opportunities, but it’s necessary to remember that storms in Iceland are frequent and hazardous. It’s important to never underestimate the power of nature in the deep north. To be safe, it’s necessary to check the forecasts and road conditions continuously and be ready to change destinations even if you miss some lovely places. Safety first!

Some useful websites:

  • vedur.is weather forecasts and alert notifications through the website and mobile APP.
  • umferdin.is Real-time road map conditions
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