01 Mykines, the most special place on the Faroe Islands

Mykines, the most special place on the Faroe Islands

Mykines is a remote and small island located in the western part of the Faroe Islands. It is well known for its spectacular landscapes and wildlife. The only settlement is also called Mykines, a very well-preserved village with about 40 houses, no roads, just a few alleys and no cars. Nowadays, less than ten people live here permanently. The island is accessible by helicopter all year round and by ferry from the neighbouring island of Vágar only during the summer.

The island is marked as a Ramsar location (areas of remarkable wetland conservation) and is blessed with the largest Atlantic Puffin colony in the archipelago. These charismatic birds, with their distinctive colourful beaks, nest underground along the island’s coast. Mykines is also inhabited by numerous other seabird species, such as Guillemots, Razorbills, Fulmars, and Kittiwakes, and it’s the only place where Gannets nest in the Faroe Islands.

Visitors to Mykines will see thousands of puffins from early May to the end of August, and guided tours are necessary to protect this fragile and unique environment.

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